Matrafob® is a new waterproofing impregnation of our production. Moisture protection of all parts of the buildings from the foundation to the roof

One of the simplest and most effective ways to improve the durability of building materials is their hydrophobization using a water-repellent silicone fluids. (Hydrophobicity - the property to repel water).

Due to the high demand and the need of the construction industry in high-quality water-repellent materials, the MATRAPAC company is soon expanding the processing line of finished products and beginning mass production of new products under the brand name MATRAFOB®

Matrafob® water-repellent agent is a complex mixture of silicones in organic solvents and it is indispensable for producing constructions, to which high demands for water resistance and durability are made;


Use of Matrafob® water-repellent agent in construction:

  • moisture protection of all the parts of the buildings from the foundation to the roof;
  • making porous building materials hydrophobic: ceramic and limestone brick, concrete, asbestos-cement slate, cinder block and AE concrete, gypsum fiber and gypsum materials;
  • reduction in water absorption, permeability; preventing the appearance of damp stains, efflorescence, rust, mildew, as well as increasing frost resistance of construction materials;
  • use in various waterproofing screeds;
  • repair work in bathrooms and showers;
  • repair and manufacture of swimming pools;
  • in the oil and gas industry as a modifier of clay drilling muds