Food Industry
Stand in line! The launch of our own production of dearomatised hexane and pentane solvent for the extraction of essential oils and edible fats

The "Matrapac" company announces a new business direction: PENTANE and HEXANE solvent for the food industry.

Currently, we are actively working on the development of production of special and extraction gasoline based on dearomatised pentane and hexane fraction directly on the territory of Ukraine because currently named production is 100% imported by all Ukrainian oil extraction plants.

The main application of the hexane solvent:

  • in the food industry - for the extraction of edible fats, and also for the extraction of essential oils from aromatic raw materials;
  • in the chemical industry for the production of polyolefines, synthetic rubbers;
  • in light industry - in the primary processing of wool;
  • in the microbiological industry - in the extractive purification of protein-vitamin concentrate.