Paint and varnish industry
Selection of the optimal solvent for manufacturers of paints, lacquers, adhesives, sealants, bitumen and other paint and varnish products

Currently, modern paint industry, with all its variety of products, makes high demands on the quality and functional features of organic solvents. For high-quality coating with excellent protective and decorative properties it is necessary to take responsibility for the choice of solvent.

The choice of organic solvent for the paint industry is affected by the following factors: technological equipment of enterprises; type of product to be produced; requirements for physical and chemical properties of coatings; quality requirements of the coatings produced; environmental requirements; availability and pricing.

MATRAPAС company offers a wide range of complex organic solvents for companies working in the paint industry:


  • «WHITE SPIRIT» (145-200) MATRAPAC®WS145 - The most famous and used solvent widely applied in the paint industry, manufacturing and dilution of semi-finished lacquer, alkyd and oil paints, varnishes, butyl- and cyclorubbers, polybutylmethacrylate, epoxy esters, bitumen and their derivatives, as well as in the production of various sealants and surface treatments.
  • «SOLVENT INDUSTRIAL» (120-160) MATRAPAC®M120 - Special fraction (more volatile compared with White spirit), used for manufacturing and dilution of special types of industrial paints and varnishes according to the requirements of manufacturers of these products;
  • "SOLVENT GALOSCHE" (100-140) MATRAPAC®M100 – Special complex organic solvent, Widely used in the rubber industry, for manufacturing of silicone additives as well as polymer processing. li>
  • "SOLVENT SPECIAL" (40-100) MATRAPAC®M40 и "SOLVENT UNIVERSAL" (80-130) MATRAPAC®M80 – the most volatile gasoline-solvents, can be used for manufacturing of special adhesines as well as for dilution of quick-drying paints and varnishes according to the requirements of manufacturers of these products