Electronic VAT management: Company Matrapac in dialogue with the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine

According to the results of preliminary survey, which was hold by UUBM concerning the electronic administration of the VAT, in which Matrapac actively participated, it turned out that the results of reforming the Electronic VAT management - disappointing.

In particular, during a roundtable In particular, during a roundtable with representatives of business and executive head of SFS of Ukraine Roman Nasirov   indicated that there is a problem, and department, which he controls, takes all measures to improve the conditions in which business will grow comfortably and actively replenish the country's budget.

But today, many compacies are in the situation, when retail turnover has negative impact on the growth of production in the contry, and internal paying capacity and external investments in comtry economy decrease sharply.

Company Matrapac,  informed Roman Nasirov about problems   which occur   due to officials, who don’t uderstand the scale of critical of the problem of the Ukrainian business and difficulties of attracting investments into the country.We will be glad to further dialogue about elimination of negative results of such impact and waiting to hear the results of internal investigations.

It was incredibly gratifying to note the understanding of the Head of UUBM Anatoly Kinakh and we look forward to positive changes. We asa big produsers set up an open dialogue with the government for the development of the Ukrainian economy.